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Dutch Yacht Registration

As of January 1, 2021, it is no longer possible to register your vessel via the Dutch ICP boat registration!

Option 1 Polish Flag

For those who need European Union flag registration and are looking for an option that is valid worldwide, Polish flag registration offers a solution. This registration is valid for the life of the boat and therefore the paperwork will not need to be renewed. The Polish Registration is a genuine ship flag registration, not like the Dutch ICP, which is a certificate of ownership, and is valid worldwide without any restrictions. The process is quite simple as a yacht survey is not required and a fully valid provisional registration can be arranged within 2 days. The cost starts from 420 euros, which is a one-time fee with everything included and no renewal fee.

Option 2 Register with Zeebrief

The Netherlands holds the International Certificate of Registration, which is an internationally recognized standard for flag registrations for yachts. This registration is not just a boat ownership registration like the Dutch ICP, but a true flag registration and is valid worldwide. We can also provide this registration for EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

The process consists of two steps: The first step is to submit all the documents (we carry out this process for you) and the second step is to perform a one-time inspection of your ship. We do not require a survey or tonnage certificate to register your yacht as a special-use vessel, but if your vessel is less than 24 meters in length, an inspector from the Dutch maritime authority will need to visit your vessel to measure and add markings. This process includes micropoints (anti-theft) on your ship. The inspector does not conduct an actual survey, just a simple check.

Bearing in mind that the inspector can meet you anywhere, you do not need to bring the ship to the Netherlands, but you will be charged the actual travel costs. This fee paid to maritime authorities for inspection is not included in the registration price and may vary depending on the location of your ship. Average costs across Europe range from €650 to €1000. The registration process will take approximately 6 weeks.

Once registration is complete, we will immediately arrange an appointment for the inspector to inspect your vessel once again. If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait during your vessel’s inspection, we can arrange a temporary registration. This temporary registration is valid for exactly 6 months and gives you enough time to have the ship inspected. The optional fee for provisional registration is 300 euros.

A Boat with Dutch Flag
Dutch Europort
Netherlands Port of Rotterdam

Why Dutch Flag?


What is yacht flag registration?
Yacht flag registration is the process of registering a yacht under the yacht flag of a specific country. This determines the yacht's compliance with certain legal and regulatory requirements and the yacht owner's rights over the yacht.
Why is yacht flag registration important?
Yacht flag registration determines the legal status of the yacht and the rights of the owner over the yacht. It also demonstrates the yacht's compliance with international maritime rules while cruising and may offer certain tax advantages or regulations to the yacht owner.
In which countries can yacht flag registration be made?
Yacht flag registration is generally available in many countries, but popular options include Malta, England, Poland, San Marino, and Switzerland.
Under what flag should the half be recorded?
Which flag to choose depends on factors such as the yacht's owner's residence, the yacht's size, its intended use, and the owner's tax status. By contacting VesselFlag, we can help you find out the most suitable flag for you.
How much does yacht flag registration cost?
Yat bayrağı kaydı maliyeti, seçilen bayrak ülkesine, yatın boyutuna, teknik özelliklerine ve diğer faktörlere bağlı olarak değişir. Ancak genellikle yıllık bir kayıt ücreti ve başvuru işlem ücreti gibi maliyetler bulunur.
How long does yacht flag registration take?
Yacht flag registration time varies depending on the country of flag chosen and the application process. In some cases it may take a few days, in other cases it may take several months.
What are the documents required for yacht flag registration?
Required documents may vary by country, but generally an identity document that meets the legal requirements of the country in which the yacht will be registered, such as technical documentation, the yacht owner's identity document and proof of payment are required.
What should be taken into consideration after yacht flag registration?
Once the yacht flag is registered, it is important to update it regularly in certain processes and operate it in accordance with the legal requirements of the country in which the yacht is registered. In addition, international maritime rules and the regulations of the country where the yacht is registered must be followed in the navigation and maintenance of the yacht.
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