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What is Yacht Flag Registration?
Yacht flag registration allows your yacht to fly the flag of a specific country and adhere to that country's maritime laws.
Why is it necessary to register a yacht flag?
There are many benefits to registering a yacht flag. Some of these include:
Tax advantages: Some countries offer attractive tax rates for yacht flag registration.
Less bureaucracy: In some countries, registering a yacht is easier and involves less bureaucracy.
International navigation: Your yacht's flag can facilitate navigating international waters.
Legal protection: Your yacht's flag may allow you to benefit from the protection of that country's consulates and maritime authorities.
Increased prestige: Flags of certain countries can enhance the prestige and value of your yacht.
Which Country Should I Register a Flag in?
The best country to flag a yacht in depends on your individual needs and priorities. You need to consider factors such as tax rates, bureaucratic procedures, international navigation restrictions and legal protection.
How to Register a Yacht Flag?
The yacht flag registration process varies depending on the country you choose. In general, it includes the following steps:
Contact a flag registration company.
Collect all necessary documents.
Pay the flag registration fee.
Obtain your yacht's flag certificate and other necessary documents.
How Much Does Yacht Flag Registration Cost?
The yacht flag registration fee varies depending on the country you choose, the size and type of your yacht, and the requirements of the flag registration company. Generally, fees range from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros.
How Long Does Yacht Flag Registration Take?
The yacht flag registration process varies depending on the country you choose and the workload of the flag registration company. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
What Should I Do After Yacht Flag Registration?
Once you have registered your yacht flag, it is important to always have your yacht's flag certificate and other necessary documents with you. Additionally, you must comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to your yacht's flag.
What are the Risks Related to Yacht Flag Registration?
Some risks are also associated with yacht flag registration. These risks include:
Political instability: If there is political instability in your chosen country, the laws and regulations regarding your yacht's flag may change.
Economic sanctions: If economic sanctions are imposed against the country you have chosen, your yacht may be affected by these sanctions.
Legal changes: If international maritime laws change, the requirements for your yacht's flag may change.
What is Boat Registration under the Polish Flag?
You may have several advantages for registering your boat under the Polish flag:
Personal or Private Use: You can register your boat in Poland under a personal or company name. This is valid for life and no annual renewals or annual yacht taxes are required.
Low Price: Boat registration under the Polish flag has a low price (395 Euros) for boats, tenders, and jet-skis.
Universal Applicability: The Polish flag is considered the flag of the European Union (EU) and is fully accepted throughout the world.
Quick and Easy: We can make your temporary registration within 2-5 days, and you can start using it immediately.
No Restrictions: No maritime restrictions or distances apply to ships flying the Polish flag.
Private, Empty Charter, and Commercial Use: You can register your boat for private, vacant charter, or commercial use - the price is the same.
No Technical Inspection Required: No technical inspection is required for boats shorter than 15 meters.
What Documents Are Required to Register a Boat Under the Polish Flag?
In case of individual ownership, a copy of a valid passport is required. In case of company ownership, company documents and a copy of the valid passport of the company director are required.
Proof of Ownership:
Proof of ownership such as a sales agreement, invoice, bill of sale, or notarized copy is required.
Boat Size Proof:
A document verifying the size of the boat is required. This document may be a CE certificate, producer certificate, tonnage certificate, or technical inspection report.
Document Showing Cancellation of Previous Boat Registration:
A document showing that the previous boat registration has been canceled is required.
“Registration Authorization” Document:
This document is provided and signed by us.
Yes, the Polish EU Flag Registration is quite suitable for commercial registrations. We see it as the most attractive commercial boat registration in the European Union. Boats smaller than 15 meters do not need any safety certificate.
Poland welcomes applications from citizens around the globe. And for even more flexibility, San Marino allows yacht ownership to anyone, regardless of nationality!
Yes, there is a maximum limit of 24 meters to register a recreational boat in Poland. If your boat is longer than 24 meters, we recommend using one of the other boat registrations we offer.
Great news for boat owners! Unlike some registrations, the Polish EU Flag Registration lasts a lifetime. As long as you own the boat, you're good to go!
What is the Polish MMSI / Radio License?
A Polish MMSI/radio license is required to use VHF, AIS, radar, and EPIRB devices on your boat. We recommend applying for an MMSI/radio license when registering under a Polish flag. The license covers the following equipment:
- VHF Radio
- Radar
We assign the necessary numbers for the license to function properly. We can assist in organizing a Polish license for our customers.
How to Get a Polish MMSI / Radio License?
If the boat owner is a company:
Copy of company documents
Device list (brand and model)
CE declaration of conformity for each device
Copy of Polish registration certificate
Authority to register us (we provide this form) If the boat owner is an individual:
Copy of radio operator certificate (any radio operator certificate issued by an official institute)
Device list (brand and model)
CE declaration of conformity for each device
Copy of Polish registration certificate

Authority to register us (we provide this form) Polish MMSI can only be requested when you receive the original Polish registration document and takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Portable devices (such as a portable VHF radio) cannot be registered in Poland because Polish authorities do not require an MMSI license for portable devices. If you do not have an operator's licence, we can still assist with the Polish MMSI. We could set up a UK company and that company could be the boat operator so there would be no requirement to have a radio operator licence.
What is the Polish MMSI / Radio License Fee?
The cost is just €149 when you register your boat under the Polish flag. Need the license separately? It's available for €199. This single license covers all three essential communication devices, keeping you connected and safe on the water.
Is San Marino a country with a good reputation?
Yes, San Marino is recognized on the OECD White List, a prestigious international symbol of top-tier tax and financial practices. This translates to peace of mind for you, knowing your boat registration is in a highly respected jurisdiction.
What is the highly reduced Profit Tax rate for San Marino Shipping Company?
The highly reduced profit tax rate for San Marino Shipping Company is only 3.4% of your company's profits. This is valid for the first 10 years of the company and can be postponed for a maximum of 3 years during a start-up company's low profit period.
Can San Marino Shipping Company be a shareholder as a natural person or company?
Yes! Both types of shareholders are possible. Can be a citizen of any country or jurisdiction in the world. (Restrictions apply for Russian shareholders).
What is the minimum required company capital for San Marino Shipping Company?
The minimum company capital for the San Marino Shipping Company is 25,500 Euros.
Why should I conduct a Good Faith Search as part of the procedure for forming a San Marino Shipping Company?
Good Faith Investigation of the shareholder, director and beneficial owner is part of the procedure for forming the San Marino Shipping Company. This is included in the price.
What kind of documents are required for San Marino Shipping Company?
The following documents are required to form a San Marino Shipping Company:
Passport copies for shareholders and directors
Goodwill Research certificate
Criminal Record (or absence) certificate
Company articles of association
Proof of corporate headquarters address
Signature circular
Document proving that the company capital has been deposited into the bank account
Can you give information about your company?
Effortless Registration, Worldwide: We offer yacht registration services in over 20 countries, ensuring your vessel travels legally and safely. Our experienced team simplifies the process, guiding you through every step.
Tailored Yachting Experience: Find your perfect yacht or personalize your existing one. Our yacht design and brokerage services provide expert guidance to meet your needs and budget.
Seamless Transportation & Protection: Travel with peace of mind. Our yacht transportation and insurance services ensure your vessel arrives safely anywhere in the world, protected by comprehensive coverage. With our global network and experienced team, we handle everything.
How can I reach customer service?
Reach out by phone, email, or through our website – whichever is most convenient for you.
What languages ​​do you use on your website?
On our site, we provide support in more than 20 languages, including verbal customer support in Turkish, English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.
Where is your office?
We carry out our services in Ankara, Türkiye and Warsaw, Poland.
What are your working hours?
Monday-Sunday: 9:00-18:00
Can I follow you on social media?
Yes, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links are conveniently located at the bottom of this page.
Do you have references?
Yes, you can find our references on our website.
Why should I work with you?
We're a reliable company with a proven track record, offering competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Get the peace of mind you deserve.
Please contact us for more information.
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